Downlight LED: Transforming Every Home

Downlight LED: Transforming Every Home

It is known that downlights are a must in any kind of home lighting scheme. If you have used downlights in the past, the reason could be how they were utilized in a given space. When a downlight LED is utilized to its best, it can be a subtle yet important piece of lighting that will tie the space together.

Right Placement

A downlight LED should be placed in a strategic position so you can achieve the feel and look you desire instead of just letting them litter across your ceiling. Some people prefer to have downlights at stock standard measurements across the ceiling. This may work at times, but in most cases, it comes grid-like and rigid.

One more point to keep in mind is to be sure that the light is not interfered by the ceiling fan. Always keep them out of the diameter of the blades so no flickering will be created and no choppy effects when your fan is on.

Layer the Lighting

In a bigger space, it could be tempting to make use of downlights across the ceiling. But you can make the best out of their ability by layering the lighting so the downlights will serve a special purpose- to be ambient lighting at the room edges. They can also serve as task lighting in special places like the bathroom or kitchen. Also, they can be accent lighting to emphasize features or some artworks.

By layering the lighting with pendants, batten fix lights, lamps, more interesting lighting will be created to the area where each piece of light has a role to play without feeling overlit or underlit.

Works as an Accent Lighting

One best way to make use of downlights is as accent lights at the edges of the room in order to highlight artworks and features on the wall. This is best in spaces like entryways and hallways where there is not much light needed as tasks are not mainly carried out in these areas and no people gather here.

By having light splashes on the walls, space gets lit without being directionless or harsh. This method also works well in larger spaces such as the living room, dining area, and open plan living. In these spaces, downlights can be used to highlight artworks.

Moreover, the use of downlights to give light to the mirrors in the bathroom and bedroom also works well. You can place them above the mirror so they won’t cast a shadow on the mirror, yet will light the face of the person when they use the mirror.

Indeed, downlights are so practical and beneficial to use. They offer both function and style in a space. Given this, it is no wonder why it is chosen by so many people in today’s time.

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