Why You Should Use Self Bunded Tanks?

Why You Should Use Self Bunded Tanks?

Practicality is the name of the game and if your business requires you to have large volumes of fuel or petrochemical liquid on site, the use of self bunded tank is your best available solution. So what is a self-bunded tank? It is actually a tank that is within a tank. It is so because it is built with double steel walls, a tank that is encased within another tank. And this special feature intends to effectively protect and secure the fuel or any other liquid that it holds from spillage.   

Another reason why self bunded storage tanks are practical for any type of business is that you can easily relocate them when you need to. Therefore, if your facility is situated in what can be considered as a remote location, you can easily relocate it there. Besides all that, you can request to have it manufactured with respect to the specific requirements that your business organization may have. This type of fuel storage tank also comes with management systems and fuel dispensing features.  

Here are some of the key points that are extremely advantageous to your business’ operations.  


Petroleum, chemical and petrochemical applications can be stored using self bunded containers. You can also take advantage of these storage tanks to hold your oil, waste oil and biodiesel. It is a versatile storage tank in such a way that you can easily relocate it to your business site or facility as needed. As for the installation or set up to your facility, it is simple and direct and will not require additional equipment to install.  

Cost Effective

A good quality self bunded storage tank can actually hold enormous amounts of liquids. Normally they can hold 1,000 liters to 150,000 liters. Such amount of fuel stored somewhere inside your facility will work to the advantage of your staff or employees. It eliminates the need for them to leave the company’s premises just to get their vehicles or machines refueled. Hence, reducing the amount of time and resources they need to consume from traveling to and from fuel stations. Aside from that, it’s easy installation feature will help in minimizing related time and cost to have one set up.

Wide Range

Self bunded storage tanks come in several types. The self bunded wraptank and the container wraptank are two of the most fast-rising storage tanks in the business sector. The self bunded storage wraptank comes in a more traditional, round tank. They come available with standard tank fittings, however, you can have them custom-built with respect to your specific requirements.  

The innovatively designed self bunded wraptank container is a round-shaped tank that within another rectangular frame. A storage tank of this type is best described as self-supporting sans any requirement for internal baffles. This measure is helpful in promoting internal access.

As for the tank’s underside, it can be seen from the perspective of the rectangular base. This eliminates the need for the tank to be lifted up to allow for periodic inspection.  

As can be gleaned from above, we can’t deny the fact that self bunded storage tanks in your facility or business location offer are beneficial to your business interest in terms of versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness.  If running your business requires the incessant consumption of fuel for your pieces of machinery and vehicles, or if you deem it necessary to have a reliable storage system for your company, a self bunded container tank may be the best solution you are looking for.