How to Make Money with 3D Printing Machine?

If you have a 3D printing machine, you can make it earn money for you. Today, more than ever is the perfect time for you to earn something from it while this modern piece of printing equipment is still relatively a new concept to many people.

How to Make Money with 3D Printing Machine?

Right this very hour, we don’t qualify design and printing of 3D products as mainstream yet since the 3D printer has not yet reached a level that it is a ubiquitous item found in every Australian household. If you know how to identify a good money-making opportunity, you will agree with me in saying that you can make use of your expertise in this area to earn a decent amount of money. 

There are many ways you can cash in on your 3D printing skills. Even if you don’t have your 3D printer, you can market and sell your 3D designs and 3D printed objects. Or you can also educate interested parties on how to 3D print. No matter what your current status in 3D designing or printing process is, it will only take you a little amount of effort to dig and see how you can monetize it.  

Sell Your Designs

Many people are surprised to know that even if they don’t own a 3D printer, they can still make money from it. If you happen to have your collection of designs that someone who owns a 3D printer wants, chances are high that they will purchase your designs.  

Another way you can sell your 3D design prints is to promote and advertise them, the way they are. Make it known to everyone concerned that you can print for them. They just need to place a print order from you and they can wait on you to get it done. This works to their advantage as opposed to finding an independent provider of 3D printing service.  

Make Prototypes

You can reach out to the local engineering firms in your area and offer to them your help, that is, by way of taking charge of their 3D printing requirements. This is another practical way you can earn money from your 3D printing machine and expertise. 

By putting your creative juices into action here, you can design products for them and from there they can take charge of the 3D printing process on their own. There is a good possibility that they already have an in-house or an on-site printing team on their own.  

Teach Students How to 3D Print

You may have started in 3D printing just because you are curious and fascinated by it, that fascination grew into something that you have right now. The same is true with other people. You’d be surprised to know that many people out there are keenly interested in 3D printing, and how far they are willing to go in terms of learning anything about it.  

This is a great opportunity for you to put your 3D printing machine, knowledge, and skills working for you. Educating others about 3D printing technology, from all its rudimentary elements to the advanced topics about it, will help you earn something from it. 

If you are wanting to find a teaching job-related in this field, you’d certainly have a hard time landing a formal teaching post. However, you can head yourself to the social media sites and advertise yourself as offering teaching services for 3D printing.