Glass Mosaic Pool Tiles Installation

Using glass mosaic tiles for the pool can offer a splash of vibrancy. This is because this type of tiles reflects natural lighting, which means that it can give the pool a lustrous and shimmering appearance. Also, it comes in different colors, patterns and size that any client who is considering to have pool tiles installation will definitely enjoy. Here are some of the important components that needs to be considered in order to create a long-lasting and beautiful installation.


Choosing Your Desired Tile

In today’s time, installation of a glass mosaic tile does not require setting hundreds of them individually. Manufacturers create a sheet of mosaic tile by bonding them to a paper facing (this will be removed before the grouting process).

If you want a customized mosaic or opt for mosaic tiles that will not come in sheets, you can make use of a tile tape so you can create sheets on your own for efficient pool tiles installation. You can consult the manufacturer of the tape for instructions.


Cutting the Tiles

In case the layout needs partial sheets, just score the plastic sheeting, paper, or mesh that hold the tiles together with the use of a knife. You can also use a specialized tile cutter if you need to cut the tiles as other types of cutter will shatter the smaller ones.


Setting the Tiles

Glass mosaic pool tiles installation needs a polymer modified mortars. Choose one that is compatible with glass tile in order to achieve a strong bond.

The color of the mortar can affect the look of translucent or clear glass mosaics. On the other hand, the mortar produces consistent and pleasing appearance. This allows the glass tile to retain its natural luminosity.


Grouting the Tile

If the face of the glass mosaic is bonded to tile tape or paper sheets, you can remove it before grouting. Just make sure that the face is free of any adhesive residue.

There are some glass surfaces that can be prone to scratches from sanded grout. In this case, you should follow the recommendations of the manufacturer. You can also test a small part before using it so you can determine the right pool grout.


Maintaining the Tile

In most cases, customers are eager to jump into their freshly tiled swimming pool. However, it would be best if they can wait for at least 21 days before they start filling it and letting their mosaic tile installation to cure fully.

Generally, a glass mosaic is a type of tile that requires very little maintenance. In most cases, it is naturally stain-resistant and by using a high-quality grout will enhance the installation and maintain its beautiful appearance. If you are considering to use this type of tile in your pool, be sure that you consider the above components.