Why Use Bunded Tanks for Your Heating Oil Storage?

There is a manifold of good reasons why you should make use of bunded tanks to contain your heating oil. They are well-designed, suitable for domestic and commercial applications and most importantly, they are durable. In order to really understand what this kind of liquid storage facilities can offer, it is of paramount importance that we understand the advantages of using them.  

The natural tendency of any individual upon hearing the name of an object, machine, or just about anything and the purpose or value of which is completely unknown or irrelevant to them, they would just brush it off as nothing. Unless you are involved in this industry, you won’t bother yourself about the value and difference between certain types of oil tanks. 

Many people don’t know what the word “bunded” means in this context, although this kind of liquid storage tank has been practically used for a very long time in various domestic and commercial purposes.  

Why Use Bunded Tanks for Your Heating Oil Storage?

How Does a Bunded Tanks Work? 

This type of storage facility for high-value liquids makes use of a tank-within-a-tank approach. This signifies that even if your inner tank, which will contain your heating oil, fuel, or any other petrochemical products you want a store in, gets damaged and there are leaks or spillage in the inner tank occurs, your high-value liquid will not stand a chance of contaminating the surrounding environment.

Compared to other types of liquid storage tanks, these liquid-containment facilities are fuel efficient offering great value and savings for your money. It is literally a combination of two tanks working together as one, and thus helpful in preventing leakage risks, and therefore it is very helpful in saving you money.  

High-level of safety is integrated into the very design of bunded oil tanks. This type of liquid storage facility is fast gaining attention and popularity these days and this growing demand for it can be attributed to the fact that they are safe, secure, easy to install, and most importantly, you can easily relocate them from one area to another. 

Another key factor why bunded tanks are in high demand these days is because it allows for keeping your fuel or petrochemical liquids in great shape. Since they are easy to maintain and provide you seamless access for cleaning when necessary, then it is fairly easy to keep this kind of tank in great shape. 

A tank that is great shape will work to your advantage in the sense that it will be able to keep your fuel or any other high-value liquid stay fresh for longer. This happening will also mean that your vehicles or machinery are likely to run more efficiently, benefiting your business overall.  

If your business is somewhat involved in the use or requires you to constantly have an adequate amount of fuel, oil or any other high-value liquid, you will see and understand the value of safety on this regard. Contrary to the use of traditional fuel tanks, which are usually designed to have a single skin design, which is fairly okay just that it creates a thin line between having spillage and a host of other consequential problems.

By having a bunded tank for your fuel, you have a safety margin by virtue of its outer tank shell. It will carefully contain your liquid safely inside its core tank while having as well an ample amount of space in the event that there is an accidental spill or if leaks occur.  Check out this silvan diesel transfer pump here.